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Odus the Foster Dog Needs a Home | Future Expat

Odus the Foster Dog Needs a Home

After almost a year without fostering dogs, I jumped back into dog rescue with a new group, Senior Dogs 4 Seniors. I chose this group because they focus on small dogs and they don’t...

6 Green Moving Tips | Future Expat

6 Green Moving Tips

I’ve moved a lot of times in the last 25 years but my move last month was the first time I’ve done a green move. Now that I’m unpacked, I’m wanted to share my...

5 Things To Do Right Away to Find a Lost Dog - Future Expat

5 Things To Do RIGHT AWAY to Find a Lost Dog

I hope you never need to search for a lost dog. If your dog does get lost, there are things you need to do right away which will increase your chances of finding your...


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