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Dog Potty Garden - Future Expat

Create a Dog Potty Garden on Your Deck

When I decided to adopt a dog, my plan was to teach my new dog to use washable pee pads in my condo’s laundry room. It didn’t work. I quickly learned that Milo needed a...

Wordless Wednesday ~ Milo Walks the Line | FutureExpat

Wordless Wednesday ~ Milo Walks the Line

Milo is a city dog. He’s used to walking along sidewalks for his potty breaks. Even when he is off leash, he is a creature of habit. Last week, we went over to Forest...

Wordless Wed - Teddy sleeping - Future Expat

Wordless Wednesday – Don’t Blame the Dogs

I should know better than to leave the house with mail sitting on a chair. Milo loves tearing up paper. It was junk mail, so I didn’t really mind. Paint, on the other hand, is...

Milo posing at the vet office - Future Expat

Wordless Wednesdays – Milo Goes to the Vet

Milo patiently waiting for our vet to come give him a lepto shot. Clearly also overdue for a haircut. Milo communicates by looking at the thing he wants, holding his gaze there for a...

Milo in boots - Future Expat

Wordless Wednesdays – Life with Dogs

I know this is called Wordless Wednesdays, but since this is my first one, I wanted to share why I’m starting this new weekly series (gulp…I’m really bad at doing anything over and over...

dog in kayak

My Dog Milo Went Kayaking and Rafting

Every summer, I try to go on at least one float trip. I adopted my dog Milo last December, so this was his first time joining me on the river. The first float of...