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10 Adorable Dog Halloween Costumes - Future Expat

10 Adorable Dog Halloween Costumes

  There is a video that has gone viral on Facebook of a dog wearing a spider costume. It got me thinking that maybe I should buy Milo his first Halloween costume this year. When...

Dog Pool Party at the Kirkwood Pool

St. Louis really loves their dogs, so it’s not surprising that so many of our municipal pools have end of summer doggie pool parties. All of the parties are pretty much the same. You pay...

Dog Potty Garden - Future Expat

Create a Dog Potty Garden on Your Deck

When I decided to adopt a dog, my plan was to teach my new dog to use washable pee pads in my condo’s laundry room. It didn’t work. I quickly learned that Milo needed a...

Rescuing Frankie from Animal Control - Future Expat

Rescuing Frankie from Animal Control

I recently got involved with a brand new dog rescue group in the St. Louis area, Needy Paws Rescue. While I enjoyed fostering and volunteering with Gateway Pet Guardians, Needy Paws Rescue made me...


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