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6 Green Moving Tips | Future Expat

6 Green Moving Tips

I’ve moved a lot of times in the last 25 years but my move last month was the first time I’ve done a green move. Now that I’m unpacked, I’m wanted to share my...

Top 5 Ways to Use a Tablet - Future Expat

Top 5 Ways to Use Your Tablet

With the trend moving away from desktops to laptops and now tablets, the way we use technology has really changed. I have a laptop, tablet and smartphone. I have a go-to device that varies depending...

Matzah Brie Recipe - Future Expat

Matzah Brei Recipe

Matzah Brei Recipe: I’ve been eating Matzah Brei all of my life. In my family, it’s actually called Matzah and Eggs, but everyone else calls it Matzah Brei so that’s what I’m naming it...


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