VIDEO: Milo Really Loves The VetIQ Treats

Milo with VetIQ Minties

Like most dogs, Milo loves treats.

When I took Milo to the Blog Paws conference a few months ago, he got to sample a lot of treats from the Expo Center. The VetIQ team was there, and it became clear that their treats are more than just a tasty snack.

So when I was given an opportunity to receive some samples for Milo to try out, I chose the Minties (everyone needs fresh breath!) and the Skin & Coat Chews.

It’s hard to to say if the Skin & Coat Chews really had an impact on his coat. Milo naturally doesn’t shed and his fur gets a stringy greasy look when I don’t keep it brushed, which is most of the time. That said, it does seem a little more shiny than before.


If I could change anything about these treats, I would make them a bit bigger or maybe longer. Milo tends to inhale them quickly and if he could break each one into a few bites, then he wouldn’t be looking at me for another one as quickly.

The Minties I received¬†are for tiny dogs, and while Milo is small, he’s not that small. Still, these were a good size for him as they took a bit of chewing and I didn’t have to worry that he would inhale large pieces. And his breath definitely is mintie when he gives me a kiss after eating one of these treats!

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3 Responses

  1. Robyn Wright says:

    Milo is too cute! Love that you showed him trying the treats. I’m gong to have to look for the mint ones for my mom’s dog, she needs them!

  2. Karen Goodman says:

    I had tried another brand of similar treats to the Minties when I first adopted Milo, and he scarfed them down in such huge pieces that it scared me that he would choke so I stopped buying them. I really like that these were small and will probably buy the mini size for him in the future just to be safe. He really does like these…it’s become his ‘momma is going out’ treat.

  3. Your Milo is adorable!!! I love our St. Louis connection.
    I just adopted our puppy, Jack, one week ago and my daughter and I fell in love. Have to try out these new treats, too. Thanks for sharing.

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