Road Trip ~ Grand Canyon Visit with Dogs

Road Trip ~ Grand Canyon Visit with DogsAs soon as I decided to drive from St. Louis to Las Vegas for the Blog Paws Blogging Conference, I knew I had to stop at the Grand Canyon.

I did my research and found out that dogs are welcome on the Rim Trail, but can’t hike down into the canyon at all. That’s fine with me…I’m pretty terrified of heights. Standing at the top of the Canyon and looking off into the horizon was all that I needed.

2014-05-06 18.43.14-1

2014-05-06 18.19.16-2

This picture was hard to get…Milo was pretty freaked out by the view and it was harder than normal to get him to pose.

2014-05-06 18.00.11-1

Even when I was holding him, he was as stiff as a board.

2014-05-06 18.06.04-1

My fear of heights kept me from getting too close to the edge. Notice my back foot tucked in tightly to the rock…I know that it wasn’t doing anything to keep me safe but it helped me feel more secure.

2014-05-06 19.07.36-2

There were a number of places you could get right up to the edge of the rocks, and other spots like this where you could hang on tight to a fence.

2014-05-06 19.46.59

My Mom and her dog Lexi are on the road trip with us, and Lexi seemed totally nonchalant about the height.

2014-05-06 18.08.32-1

2014-05-06 17.55.10-1

2014-05-06 18.11.04-1

That said, both dogs were thrilled to be able to get in the car again. They both jumped on my mom’s lap and wouldn’t move.

How do you think your dog would react to the Grand Canyon?

Next up…Blog Paws Conference at Lake Las Vegas.

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3 Responses

  1. Lynne says:

    I don’t have a dog, but I know how I would react. I bet it is a beautiful view, but I think I would be petrified of falling. Scratch that, I know I would. My son and daughter-in-law’s dogs would be terrified I think, they seem (to me anyway) unusually fearful of lots of things.

  2. Valerie J. says:

    Looks like you had a beautiful day to enjoy the view. Thanks for posting all the great pics and updates.

  3. Leah Erb says:

    Hi Karen, I was so happy to meet you (and Milo and Lexi) at BlogPaws 2014. And these pictures of Milo at the Grand Canyon are priceless…good job, I can’t even tell he’s nervous! I thoroughly understand the foot-tucking strategy of yours, I did the same when I was there.

    As for my dogs, I think Zack would have his nose to the ground most of the time, tracking creatures. Zoe would look over the edge and sloooowly back away. Now want to find out for myself if I guessed right….

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