Wow, I loved the pork chops prepared this way. They were so good, quick and really easy to make with wonderful results. The pork was perfect, tender and juicy with a lovely apple glaze. The apple glaze was so good; I’ll be making this again and again, can’t wait to try it on chicken. Thank you for another wonderful meal.


Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Brown Sugar Sauce

These are definitely 5-star!! These are my grand son’s favorite cookies and he told me repeatedly that these were the best snickerdoodles that I’ve ever made. Thanks for making me a hero at home, Karen. This is now my go-to recipe and is already added to my Best of 2017 cookbook.


Snickerdoodle Cookies

Blueberry Banana Bread

I really love bananas and can't resist buying a few every time I'm in the grocery store. But for some reason, I end up letting a lot of them go bad because I really only like them when they are just a tad under-ripe with no spots at all. Once they have a few spots,...

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Vegetarian Main Dish: Eggplant Patties

I'm a big fan of eggplant as long as it isn't the classic Eggplant Parmesan recipe. So when I stumbled on this eggplant patty recipe many years ago in the newspaper, I had to give it a try. They are perfect for lunch or as a vegetarian main dish or side dish. I first...

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Passover Banana Muffins

For most of my life, I followed all of the Passover dietary laws. It probably seems odd that I kept Passover strictly for so long even though I'm not religious and don't follow any kosher dietary rules the rest of the year. But that's what I grew up doing so I kept a...

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Indianapolis Road Trip: Mass Ave and Nestle Inn

Me in front of the Nestle Inn When I'm traveling, I like to seek out charming hotels. When I can, I like to stay someplace that adds to the vacation rather than just being a place to sleep. On my Indianapolis trip this weekend, I stumbled on the nicest Bed & Breakfast...

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Buying Chairs Turns into a Trip to Indy

When I moved into my last house, I bought a travertine mosaic table with wrought iron legs to use as my kitchen table. I had an open floor plan and I wanted a table that didn't look like a kitchen table, and this table was perfect. It was pushed up against a wall so I...

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Travel Planning with Evernote

In years past, most of us travelled with a guide book to help us navigate through our vacations. Fast forward to today, and technology let's you leave the guide books at home...or skip them entirely. Researching things to do on your vacation can easily be handled on...

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Everything Else:

Milo’s Closet: Keeping Your Dog Warm in Cold Weather

I'm not one of those dog owners who dresses up my dog in clothes just to make him cute, but I do think it's important he is warm enough outside in cold weather. Milo owns 3 pieces of cold weather clothing. He has a raincoat (that doubles as a lightweight coat), a...

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How I Got a Credit Score Over 800 and You Can Too!

I'm a real estate agent, so I deal with credit issues all of the time. Since I know how important credit is for everyone, I was excited when a PR company asked me to put together a sponsored post for Credit Karma™. While I was compensated for sharing this information,...

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