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Eggplant Patties Recipe | Future ExpatEggplant Patties Recipe | Future Expat

Vegetarian Main Dish: Eggplant Patties

I’m a big fan of eggplant as long as it isn’t the classic Eggplant Parmesan recipe. So when I stumbled on this eggplant patty recipe many years ago in the newspaper, I had to give...

Odus the Foster Dog Needs a Home | Future Expat

Odus the Foster Dog Needs a Home

After almost a year without fostering dogs, I jumped back into dog rescue with a new group, Senior Dogs 4 Seniors. I chose this group because they focus on small dogs and they don’t...

Passover Banana Muffins - Future Expat

Passover Banana Muffins

For most of my life, I followed all of the Passover dietary laws. It probably seems odd that I kept Passover strictly for so long even though I’m not religious and don’t follow any...

6 Green Moving Tips | Future Expat

6 Green Moving Tips

I’ve moved a lot of times in the last 25 years but my move last month was the first time I’ve done a green move. Now that I’m unpacked, I’m wanted to share my...

10 Fantasy Gifts I'll Never Receive - Future Expat

10 Fantasy Gifts I’ll Never Receive

A few days ago, my brother asked me what I want for Channukah. I like the idea of living a simple life without so much stuff, so I don’t really have much I want or...


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