Wow, I loved the pork chops prepared this way. They were so good, quick and really easy to make with wonderful results. The pork was perfect, tender and juicy with a lovely apple glaze. The apple glaze was so good; I’ll be making this again and again, can’t wait to try it on chicken. Thank you for another wonderful meal.


Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Brown Sugar Sauce

These are definitely 5-star!! These are my grand son’s favorite cookies and he told me repeatedly that these were the best snickerdoodles that I’ve ever made. Thanks for making me a hero at home, Karen. This is now my go-to recipe and is already added to my Best of 2017 cookbook.


Snickerdoodle Cookies

Cheesy Herb Eggplant

Every spring I get excited about cooking light dishes with herbs that I grow in my garden. So when I decided I needed to get the eggplant sitting in my refrigerator cooked before it went bad, I was thrilled to find a recipe that also used some of my favorite herbs....

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Just Chicken Livers

I love chicken livers, and this is a simple and easy way to make them for a main dish for dinner. Chicken livers are also inexpensive. You can pick up a carton of them in the butcher section of your grocery store. It's also an easy recipe if you are cooking for 1 or...

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Easy Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp is one of the first things I learned to make when I moved out on my own. I got this recipe from my mom and in just a few minutes, I had a bit of home for dessert. Photo Credit (both pictures) - Baby Kato I hope you like it as much as I do. I first posted...

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Road Trip ~ Grand Canyon Visit with Dogs

As soon as I decided to drive from St. Louis to Las Vegas for the Blog Paws Blogging Conference, I knew I had to stop at the Grand Canyon. I did my research and found out that dogs are welcome on the Rim Trail, but can't hike down into the canyon at all. That's fine...

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Road Trip ~ Sante Fe Stop Worth the Detour

My original plans were to try to share a blog post every night during this cross country road trip. Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Here we are, in the car again as I type this...on day 4 of the road trip from St. Louis to Las Vegas and back...and I'm only...

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On the Road to Vegas…with Dogs!

After a crazy week of real estate work in preparation of leaving town for 2 weeks, we finally hit the road yesterday morning. My dog Milo and I are going to the Blog Paws Conference in Las Vegas next week, and my Mom and her dog Lexi decided to join us for the road...

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Everything Else:

Exploring St. Louis: Historic Kimmswick

A few months ago, I realized that an errand was going to land me about 10 minutes away from Kimmswick, MO, so I decided to turn it into an opportunity to visit this historic town for the first time. Kimmswick is only 1/4 square mile just south of the St. Louis...

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Fostering Rescue Dogs: Karen’s Foster Dogs

A while ago I shared the story of adopting Milo and how that got me involved in fostering other dogs, so I'm not going to repeat myself explaining all of that again. If you are interested, click through on these links to read all how I got started and some of my...

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