Wow, I loved the pork chops prepared this way. They were so good, quick and really easy to make with wonderful results. The pork was perfect, tender and juicy with a lovely apple glaze. The apple glaze was so good; I’ll be making this again and again, can’t wait to try it on chicken. Thank you for another wonderful meal.


Grilled Pork Chops with Apple Brown Sugar Sauce

These are definitely 5-star!! These are my grand son’s favorite cookies and he told me repeatedly that these were the best snickerdoodles that I’ve ever made. Thanks for making me a hero at home, Karen. This is now my go-to recipe and is already added to my Best of 2017 cookbook.


Snickerdoodle Cookies

Stormy Day Breakfast Bread Pudding

If you like bread pudding, french toast and the topping on apple crisp, you'll love my Stormy Day Breakfast Bread Pudding. While the recipe uses canned pears, feel free to use your favorite canned fruit. I'm not a fan of canned peaches, fruit cocktail or pineapple,...

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Settlement Cookbook Salmon Loaf

When I got my first apartment, my Mom gave me her 1954 Settlement Cook Book. The book is well worn with tape holding it together. The Salmon Loaf is one of my favorite recipes from the book. When I was a kid, we would have it hot for dinner with a white sauce over the...

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Salmon Burgers

Have you ever looked at 2 foods that are almost the same and been surprised by how much you like one but not the other? That's how I feel about canned salmon and tuna fish. I barely tolerate tuna fish, but love canned salmon. A few years ago I started paying attention...

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Free Moo Cards for BlogHer 2013 Conference

I finally did it. After years of hearing other people talk about blogging conferences, I signed up for BlogHer 2013. I'm really excited about the new things I will learn to improve my 3 blogs (this one, Arch City Homes, and my neighborhood association blog West Pine...

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Summer Float Trips in Missouri

I love float trips. For those of you not from the midwest, float trips are not the same as white water river trips that you will find in other parts of the country. On float float. You relax. You drink adult beverages. You sing at the top of your lungs...

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Product Review: Stream Movies on a Roku 2 XD

Last year I decided to sign up for Netflix so I could watch more movies. I quickly discovered a problem. Since I don't own any gaming systems, the only way I could watch Netflix on my TV was to actually steam it through my laptop and have my laptop plugged into my TV...

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Everything Else:

6 Green Moving Tips

I've moved a lot of times in the last 25 years but my move last month was the first time I've done a green move. Now that I'm unpacked, I'm wanted to share my 6 moving tips to make your move more environmentally friendly. 1. Plastic Crates Instead of Boxes Most people...

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15 Crock Pot Recipes to Get You Through a Kitchen Remodel

If you missed the news, I bought a new house. I moved in the week before Christmas and am already in renovation mode. The first project for the new house is to remodel the kitchen, so the crock pot is going to get a lot of use over the next 6 weeks. During most...

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Milo Settles into Our New Home with #AlpoDogBiscuit

I was afforded this opportunity because I am part of the BlogPaws Professional Blogger Network. The Alpo dog biscuits were provided by Nestlé Purina. Future Expat only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. The opinions in this post are my own. Last...

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