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Milo posing at the vet office - Future Expat

Wordless Wednesdays – Milo Goes to the Vet

Milo patiently waiting for our vet to come give him a lepto shot. Clearly also overdue for a haircut. Milo communicates by looking at the thing he wants, holding his gaze there for a...

Milo in boots - Future Expat

Wordless Wednesdays – Life with Dogs

I know this is called Wordless Wednesdays, but since this is my first one, I wanted to share why I’m starting this new weekly series (gulp…I’m really bad at doing anything over and over...

11 Essential Ingredients Every Blog Post Needs - Future Expat

11 Steps to Creating the Perfect Blog Post

I’ve been blogging since 2007, but I’m still working on creating perfect blog posts. Writing a great blog post isn’t easy. You can’t simply let your thoughts flow and expect to engage your readers....

Recycle holiday lights (flickr tonystl) - Future Expat

Recycle Your Holiday Lights

Recycling options go beyond paper and plastic nowadays, so it’s no surprise that St. Louis Green has implemented a holiday light drive. As you are taking down your old or broken lights, don’t throw...


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