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Crock Pot Beer Shredded Chicken Recipe | Future Expat

Crock Pot Recipe: Beer Shredded Chicken

Today I am sharing with you my new favorite way to make shredded chicken that is perfect for sandwiches, chicken salad, tacos or casseroles. While I made this recipe with skinless chicken thighs, you...

Crockpot Beer Pulled Pork - after cooking - Future Expat

Crockpot Recipe: Beer Pulled Pork

I love pulled pork and was excited when I discovered this recipe on Chow.com for crockpot pulled pork. I decided to change up the recipe a bit by using beer instead of chicken stock and ditching...

Easy Recipe ~ Poppy Seed Beer Bread

I absolutely love good bread, and my beer bread is one of my favorites. This bread is a dense flavorful loaf. Warm from the oven, the bread has a moistness that reminds you a...