Top 5 Ways to Use Your Tablet

Top 5 Ways to Use a Tablet - Future Expat

With the trend moving away from desktops to laptops and now tablets, the way we use technology has really changed.

I have a laptop, tablet and smartphone. I have a go-to device that varies depending on what I am doing. My tablet gets the least use of the 3, but that is changing as I find more ways to use it.

Here are the top 5 ways I use my tablet.

1. Watch a Movie Anywhere

With a tablet by your side, you can watch a movie anywhere. Or read a book or catch on on your online reading.

Belize thatch covered pavilion - Future Expat

When I was on vacation in Belize, I saw a couple who brought their tablet out one evening to the thatch covered pavilion and watched a movie with a bottle of wine and the waves crashing ahead of them.

Couple watching move at dinner - Future Expat

You could even take your tablet to your favorite restaurant and watch a movie over dinner.

Me…my favorite place to use my tablet to watch a movie is in a hotel room or on my deck. I also use it regularly to catch up on my blog reading while I’m eating dinner by myself.

Yes, I sometimes have to use my phone as a hotspot if wifi isn’t available, but so far that’s worked for me.


2. Take Notes at Conferences and Training Events

Blog Paws Conference - tablet for notes

A few months ago, I attended the Blog Paws Conference in Las Vegas. I took my tablet and keyboard with me to every session to take notes. This conference was extra fun because you could bring your pets with you. Milo was napping under the table and Lexi decided she preferred being up high where she could see everyone.

Blog Paws Conference - tablet for notes

Once the session got started, I switched to Evernote for my note taking…and Lexi decided she wanted to help.

I’ll never walk out of a training session again with hand scribbled notes that need to be typed up later.


3. Fill Your Home with Music

2014-08-30 09.06.13

I no longer own a stereo for my home. Instead, I have a small speaker that props up my iPad while it is charging, and amplifies the sound well enough that I can hear it in the entire home. It’s actually one of the cheaper speakers you can buy but it’s good enough for me.

2014-08-30 09.07.05

I do play the music I own occasionally, but more often you’ll find me streaming Pandora.

4. Kill Time While Traveling

Tablet for travel - Future Expat

If I’m going on a long trip and plan to do some blogging while I’m gone, then I bring my laptop with me because I find it easier to deal with photos on the laptop than on the tablet.

Even if I do bring my laptop with me, I always bring my tablet too.

My tablet is what I use while I’m in transit. If I know I will be somewhere without wifi, then I plan in advance for some things I can do without the internet. Sometimes I work on reorganizing my camera upload picture folder or inputting information that somehow ended up as paper notes.

I use the tablet for navigation in the car, researching things to do and simply as something to do in the hotel before I got to bed.  I can’t imagine taking a trip without it.


5. Get Cooking

Tablet used for recipes - Future Expat

Years ago, I would type up recipes I liked and print them on index cards for my recipe box. I still have that box and the recipes, but I rarely pull them out anymore. I’ve uploaded my favorite recipes to my Food.com, Key Ingredient or this blog. I also discover new recipes on dozens of sites online.

When I am ready to cook, I find the recipe I want on my tablet. I prop up the tablet on the kitchen counter along with all of the ingredients and get cooking.

Tablet used for recipes - Future ExpatTablet used for recipes - Future Expat

My favorite website for using recipes is Key Ingredient. There are 3 things that make this website better for cooking than the others:

  • the screen doesn’t time out, forcing you to use messy hands to bring back the screen
  • the split screen lets you scroll through the ingredients while not scrolling on the directions (and vice versa)
  • you can drag a marker down as you work your way through the directions so you can easily find your place on complicated recipes

That said, most of the recipes that I want aren’t on Key Ingredient and I found uploading my recipes to their site cumbersome. So I typically use the website where the recipe lives and deal with scrolling and reviving my screen as needed.

What are your favorite ways to use your tablet?


3 Responses

  1. Robyn Wright says:

    This is a fabulous post Karen! Great pictures showing all of your uses too. Our Verizon chat this coming Friday is actually about getting more use out of your tablet. What I love best about my tablets are how much easier they are to use on an airplane. They fit on the little seat tables so much better than laptops do and they are lighter to carry around!

  2. I use my tablet on a daily basis for various different things. I play games, watch videos, read blogs. It’s also useful for keeping up to date with emails too! #AllAboutYou

  3. Roue says:

    Great list! And your dog is adorable. You forgot the most common use of the tablet – checking your social media stuff! That seems to be all everyone’s doing these days. But it’s great though, because whatever you’re doing, having a tablet pretty much means that you’ll never ever be bored again!

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